Beverli Rhodes

- communicator, contemp collage and jewelery artist, animal communicator...

Shamanic Portals on 09-09-09

All Shaman, lightworkers, healers, psychics, guru's, even shamanic teachers and elder Shaman of all tribes throughout the world are going through a major shift, the beginning of our collective new path.

The Shift - Psychic Symptoms

Since 09-09-09 you may have felt super tired, I have experienced a great deal of weird dreams, (more than usual) also back ache, even going as far as across my neck and shoulders. Some additional pain Ive had, which you may have can include, most of the joints in your body scraping and crunching, just being painful.

On specific days where the energy is that of waning moon, I do, so you can too, feel dizziness, vertigo, sometimes even nausea.

Full Moon Greater Reaction

During the full moon, specifically strong psychics be aware of extreme headaches, allergic reactions, hot flushes (more than I usually get!), with a good measure of churning in the pit of my stomach.

Time of Change from 09-09-09

During the change, our re-en-light-en-ment, a deep depression can come about as we fight the change. we can find ourselves entering a day of crying for no apparent reason, questioning life itself.

The change can also present itself as heart palpitations. Ive noticed also a blockage of finances, I am working to clear this, as Ive got lots of great things I wanna do.

In short, this time space most people working with light , Shaman, masters,healers can feel like they have been hit by a very large bus - is this happening to you? Tell me .....

Clutter cleaning projects started before 09-09-09 should be more or less done by now. The project may have been dogged by indigestion, heart burn as the darker energies and force tries to keep you covered in clutter both body mind and vene soul!

Shaman Soul Journey

I have spent a month of my shaman time, creating a great holistic healing package using shamanic therapy.
Recently, Ive looked deep within the soul of mother nature, even into the essence of nature, the strands of eclectic matter than bind us to the earth and to each other. Ive seen them, they link us, they're across every living thing.
Through Shamanic Eyes
I liken some souls to that of a very old tree. The soul of our doggies are very old, the soul of horses are very old too, the soul of a quadriplegic Ive just met is a very old soul of a shaman master.

Look deep inside yourself - what do you see?

Let me explain .....

It as no mistake that I became a Buddhist, the way of life sites well with my shamanic history.
Shamanism was influenced by Buddhism and to a degree Taoism was woven into the shamanic path. Known as muism in the days before, the main shaman, usually a woman, was the mudang, performed tasks and acted as the bridge between the worlds.
Shamanistic rites included, just the same as I am requested to perform today, agricultural prayers, cure illness or even ask for monetary assistance from the Spirit world. Other common village events included removing evil spirits from houses, barns, businesses and places of work. The best and most enjoyable request of spirit was, of course, helping in finding one's true love.

Curing Spirit Sickness
During my many years of practice I have gone through many mudang shinbyeong.
The coming of Spirit, for me, is always in the form of a dream at first. Therafter I have three specific messages from the earth mother in the form of my own, very personal signs. Once the same message has been received three times and confirmed by nature, only then am I able to act on what I have seen

Shaman to Skill Up ...

The shaman is going flying. Flying for life changes across the waters, across the "pond" as it's said, in the good ol' USA! Increasing the shamanic skill base.

As a ninth generation shaman, Ive have a really strong connection to horses. I have been using equine assisted therapy for the past two years. Using myself as a test subject. Ive felt, experienced and been surprised if not shocked just how effective it is.

This type of psychotherapy uses horses as the main link to the inner self.

The therapy is a legitimate mechanism through which I am able to provide my clients with a greater understanding, support.

Specially Chosen ...

My horses are well trained. I choose to have mares. They have been chosen with the greatest of respect for their ability, personality, health and intelligence. Each have an empathic capability to understand people. All healthy, calm, giving and talented.

Individually, each horse sparkles in their own unique way, inner magic shines through. In using each of my horses specific skills, during my research of the therapy, the true spellbinding wonder of my horses was in the reaction of those they're helping.

I am going to the USA to study further in the field of Equine Assisted therapy or psychology. I intend to gain legitimacy, as a therapist that uses horses .

There is a need for the health bodies and stake holders to see some sort of "qualification" to allow for the therapy to be listed by the NHS as reimbursable.

Proof of the therapy...

I have the intention to approach grant makers, those that specialise in assisting new business in our county of Kent. I also intend to reach out to health practitioners, for support by referring patients. I will also demonstrate the power of the therapy, using horses.

But ... there is a but ... the "proof" of each case history must be presented in their language - that of statistics, measurable outcome in monetary value.

Shaman of the Village ...

Unlike in the past in the times, where the shaman of the village, provided healing, medicines of in the form of herbal remedies, poultice, blended tea's and general well meaning advice. The avenues left to my grand-mother, my mothers-mother and even further back, were not tied to financial backing from the national health systems of the day.

We are now in an age where managed health care sets what is acceptable, as well as the size of the bottom line. I do not want my treatments to be all about obtaining reimbursement from the NHS.

Going to America ...
So, I am going to America, to learn how best to serve both horse and humankind.

Watch this space....

Here's an update on my shamanic journey, on my entry date, (birthday) This year it fell on a Sunday, the 2nd August. I chose to spend my shamanic year of change, birthday event, at a show called the Star of London Show and the American Pleasure Horse Show in Surrey. What a day of learning for me!

American Pleasure Horse Show
The classes were judged on WES rules, namely the Western Equestrian Society. The judge was David Lloyd, a good-looking, wonderfully charismatic man with a devilish smile, keen and canny, very sharp intellect knowing the rule book backwards. David also possesses a grand sense of humour, which I soon found out after he disqualified me 3 times in the same trail class. I sure deserved it!

Memory Goes Blank on Trail Test
I had a great day. Ive leaned so much. Was grateful for the key pointers from the judge David Lloyd. I will have to go and learn some more for trail as I just don't seem to get it. As the course involves memorising the pattern I often get stuck, lost and duplicate areas of the pattern. So if Tommy can learn it for me then she can get on with it and i can play passenger! The trick will be getting her to learn it in advance.

My memory loss for short term items is part of the injury from 7/7 but I continue to move forward and learn the test, daily if necessary!

Winning Reserve Champion American Pleasure Horse
The highlight of the day was winning the Reserve Champion ribbon and a perpetual trophy for the American Pleasure Horse and Star of London class overall.

I was taken by total surprise, thrilled, I accepted the huge Reserve Champion rosette, then started to CRY!!!! My emotions got the better of me. What a moment, what a great moment. My partner instinctively knew and rushed over to me. My family and friends decided they would join us too. Everyone knew just how much being at the show, competing and achieveing the Reserve Champion meant to me.
After all the pain, the suffering with the operations, the dentist, the teeth infections all of it went away in one single moment.
Not that Courageous!
I have only been back in the saddle for all in all about a year. During the years previous, I had weekly lessons to retune my riding, try to deal with fear of falling and learn to develop my balance again. on the horse. Tommy, my birthday present in August 2008, I've only had Tommy to myself since May 2009. Previously, she had been with the talented trainer, Alan (aka Big Al") of Payne of Payne Performance Horses to be brought back into full work and prepared for his entry into the East Coast Show, which Tommy and Big Al went on to win. Tommy even spent her Christmas at the performance horse barn in Leistershire. As such my courage needed to attend shows and event just ride her on my own has slowly increased since May.
Initially, during my riding lessons, I was purely and utterly terrified. Clenched grinding teeth, extremely dry mouth, nausea, dizzyness, headache and a tummy upset each time I rode!
Alan Payne, my long suffering patient trainer, had given me a few lessons. Both he and Sally were very understanding and waited while I took pain killers, nausea tablets, dizzy tablets with flavoured water to mask the bitter taste. On a number of occassions, I had been so afraid I just wanted to get off, I was very anxious and showed extreme panic. Big Al, just let me get off, calmly he would say its alright maybe next time. For me it's the spooky, back coming down, ears forward looking at sheep at the side of the arena, or anything else that a horse can spook at that got to me! I really felt a ninny!
Getting my ride back, confidence and courage has taken time. I have an inward fight with myself every time I ride. I am especially affected when riding and going into new situations. With sweating palms, dry mouth, nausea, shaking legs, I face the hack out of the show warm up pen, the collecting ring. Mentally I beat myself up and after a trip to the ladies loo, I pull myself together and get on with the ride.
I believe that Tommy is an angel in the form of a horse. She is my personal angel sent to heal me. She is doin' a fine job at it!
I LOVED my day it was the BEST birthday ever, even exceeded the trip to Euro Disney for my 40th!

In my spirit writings, I use unconventional modern day writing materials. I use a wooden stick or sometime a sharpened chop-stick for my Shamanic Spirit Writings. The colours are chosen by the seeker and then placed onto a large board. The paper, usually my own handmade paper, or similar paper, with an even overlay of calm, accepting energy. I then carefully place the paper over the top of the paint.

My shaman Spirit pac, mine know as Da 'ar, is then asked, kindly and with honour and respect, to answer the questions given by the seeker. Spirit then writes the answers to the questions on the paper with the end of the chop stick, or wooden stick that has been sharpened.

Once the communication is lost or terminated by mutual agreement, only then the paper is peeled off the block and given to the seeker. It is also explained and information determined only after the seeker has read through it first. If there is any angelic-script, (see picture above for example) derived from the Angels, then that too is explained.

I am guided to accept the request from individual seekers. If you feel called that you have the need to ask Spirit for guidance, please do send me a message in the comment box.

What happens in the readings ....
In previous times, when my grandmother and her mother were in contact with Spirit and asking questions for seekers there were at least 4 people involved in the reading. The writing implement was poked through a basket. There is sand on a tray or sometimes just a hard surface. It is alway the very whitist sand, with a high level of crystals.
The surface that I use, which I find best for me is dark or gold, so that the word or letter can be made out clearly. Each letter is then written, or sometimes, a whole word. The word or letter was called out by one of the watching or trainee shaman.
The word or letter was then written down by the scribe. After the item has been successfully captured, the assistant will clear the sand to be flat and clear for the next transmission.
At the end of the session the paper was given to the seeker. Any questions were answered and the seeker gave a donation and went on their way.
I too was initially trained in the shamanic sand way of spirit writings and undertake these sittings when I have more time to give to the seeker. It is necessary to know that I only experience a partial possession/incorporation of my hand and of the side of my body that is being used by the Spirit making contact.
Personally, I prefer the chants of Buddhists monks before I undertake the spirit writings, I also cleanse and protect the area for a period of time before starting the sessions.
As always Namaste

About my "light-being" destiny ...
Being in possession of a "light destiny" I am able to travel to the world of Spirit and the supernatural. My light destiny was show in my 4th year as a child. I am aligned to the Maolang chief of the auxilliary spirit tribes, one of the main Spirit, who maintains and whom I see as a horse.

At the age of 13, I moved to being a star soul, connecting to my light destiny before innitiation. I was given the Spirit paq called "Da 'ar", whom was released as being the guiding Spirit of one before me upon her death.

I have since taken a long standing personal shamanic vow, at the age of 16. I have agreed to devote all my spiritual powers, healing and abilites. I am to relieve suffering of both human and animal beings. I am to spread the values of spirituality. I also took the vow to honour my shamanic ancestral teachers.

Just before I came to this incarnation, before I chose to reincarnate through my family line, I wrote my destiny, with my own hands and soul. I try to explain these principles and the agreed contracts to those who seek my advice. Sometimes, in my shamanic flights, I see the rainbow serpent which brings me messages for the seeker, the one who is asking for guidance.

So, the way of the shaman is to develop positiveness, to be happy, as one journey ended another begins, for me and for you ......

What's a typical sessions then ...
In a typical session the seeker will coax the horse into a circle, initially without touching the horse. Various other small tests will be performed with the horse, these can include coming into the centre and stopping in front of the person, moving to the left and right. If the seeker is able to ride, then a short ridden piece will be undertaken. On occassion, the horse will be ridden bareback (with a bareback pad if required) to enhance the energy circulation and dual exchange.

At the end of the session I will talk through the highs and lows of the session. I will also share observations from Spirit and the horse sense.

So, how is this different to conventional therapy? People attending the sessions respond to my horse with:-

  • Respect

  • Energy exchange

  • Motivation without using words

Allow the child within to play ....
Shamanic Equine Assisted Therapy is a grounding, spiritual and very powerful therapy. I focus on the individual’s interaction with the horse, from the equine side and also allowing the child within to be free, bringing the spiritual aspect of the inner self from the shamanic point of the experience.

Time Enhanced Experience
The experience offers many benefits fover a period of time. The experience of the therapy, promotes trust of the horse and the self. It improves communication and encourages the seeker to let go. Combining the two types of soul therapy, being the equine and shamnic therapy, together they assist people seeking to decrease depressions, discover feelings and change blocking, limiting belief systems that block all types of relationships.

As a shaman, I work with all types of individuals, from any background and level of spirituality. I help build self-confidence. Equine Shaman Assisted Therapy can be used to ease a range of issues from within. These include:

  • Relationship issues
  • Behavioral problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Communication needs

This type psychic therapy is demanding and very emotional.

Remove the "rubbish in - rubbish out" aspect of the seekers life

Being with a shaman and the horse, creates the almost perfect conditions for the healing process to start.

A shamanic taster day is on the Saturday 8th August from 10h00 - 18h00, at the Open Centre in London , EC1V. The day will give you an idea of how to join up with the world of Spirit and open a new path of awareness.

Topics will include soul retrieval and the shamanic spiritual journey. For details get in touch by email on

I have noticed through my discussions with survivors that many survivors of 7/7 London bombings are facing difficulties with their debts mounting after 7/7. The debt has arrisen either through medical treatment, filling of perscriptions or through an extended period of time without a job.

Sound Solutions for Survivors
I have noticed that 7/7 survivors are looked upon favourably for Debt Management programmes. There are many debt management companies offering sound advice and solutions that are affordable.

Debt management is available for 7/7 survivors with a minimum of £100 per month depending on the circumstances. Rules and conditions apply for this scheme.

The time is now!
Horses live in the present. They hold no grudges and bear no malice. We need to focus on the here and now, tomorrow hasn't happened yet and well, yesterday has been and gone. We can't change the way we have ridden in the past or the methods we have used to train our horses. We can however, move forward and use a better way, the way includes greater communication with our horses.
Horses are a great example of just that - being in the today, the now, its a gift that's why its called the present.

What about trust?

My own journey forced me to trust myself with my horse. In the departure of my physical prowess, losing my sense of balance and suffering with meniers dis-ease, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and dysphasia, I welcomed the arrival of faith and trust in my horse.

Leaving the old lessons behind, the military tradition of dealing with horses involving "pain". using pain a horse will only do so much, never trust or respect you. The shamanic Mother Earth belief systems is challenging, but gentle, using pressure and release as the reward. Pressure only and never pain.

Trust and respect is born from within, the internal workings of the mind. your horse needs an awakening to enable them to trust you as the herd leader.
Being the herd leader demands absolute commitment from you, such commitment to the point where only absolute trust and respect is required by your horse, it must become second nature to him between you and the outside world.
Through the ‘bush telegraph’ I am hearing stories everyday, eye witness accounts of the leap of faith horse owners are taking by trusting their join-up capability and "herd leading" their horses.

I've met riders that have never sat on their horses bare-back, never ridden their horses without the kitchen-sink in their mouths, never ever in a plain halter with no headstall/bridle.
I hear comments like "He will not listen to me if I don't have a bit in his mouth" and " She will just take-off if I don't have a saddle and bridle on" also my favourite one "I don't trust what my horse may do ..."
All these comments illustrate to me that the connection between horse and human is not complete. time has not been taken to "sack-out" or desensitize the horse. The manner and respect on the ground are not there, as such, more work needs to be done on the ground, before continuing from the saddle.

A negative attitude will do wonders for the horse-monster lurking in the mind becoming the thieves of time. Thinking of what could go wrong with your horse is not productive and seldom useful.

No more drama's
Many people actually like drama. When have you been part of a yard where there is one rider that has the worst biter, the worse rearing maniac, the worse bucking bronco and of course the worst uncontrollable speed-freek? Sound familiar? The horses have been conditioned, they act up and the rider or owner will reward them with "release of pressure" telling the horse that was the correct answer to the question (the pressure) and so they learn.
Respect and trust are safest for both horse and rider. I prefer to call teaching the respect and trust between the horse and rider partnership as "gentling" horses. Two eyes are better than two feet. We want those two eyes to be looking at you constantly. Couple that, with an ear or two in your direction and progress is being made. Add a little licking and chewing - then you're talking horse!

Make a plan to motivate yourself every day to get to know your horses personality and bridge the gap between negative thoughts with positive actions. There is no guarantee that both horse, rider or owner will respond quickly, changes to perception and the "old school" way of training horses takes time.
Speaking horse will make a large difference almost straight away. You are the only person who can determine the relationship between you and your horse.
If you are interested in discovering natural shaman way of horsemanship, post me a comment in order to discuss the fees for a visit to your yard.

I do not want that to happen in my district here… so I am preparing for the future, with food gardens and meditation rooms…this is what I can do…. what can you do?

A shaman meeting place has arrived on our scene - with the success of FaceBook a new social site has emerged called

Psychic 's or shamanic professional users can create their own psychic or Shaman profile within the forum. The profile can offer psychic or shamanic services.
The site is supportive and will meet the need for spiritual enquiring minds.

Eventually, will be the destination for spiritual psychic and shamanic seekers everywhere.

Go and have a look for yourself................

The day we were blown up....
I recall it was a murky, damp hazy and unseasonably cool in the early morning of 7th July being a Thursday, in 2005.

I got onto my later train that day, on the London Underground system (LU, known colloquially as "the Tube") little knowing what I was to face.

I soon realized that the smoke from fires within the deep tunnels, which are up to 30 m below the surface, would have nowhere to go except the stations. The tunnels gave us a mere clearance of only 15 cm around the train. The deep tunnels are 3.5metres in diameter, which felt even smaller to me, like trying to push a sausage through a piece of macaroni!

The extreme explosion seemed to gain additional power and force, by being detonated in a confined space. The sparks and debris bounced and trickled it way along the steel line of the carriage, the bogey acting as an anchor, lay buckled and broken.

Silence for minutes...
I was deeply afraid to look around me after I became conscious again. It was about 10 minutes at most from the time of the sudden stopping and the plunge, being thrown forward – then nothing but a ping sound and blackness, deathly quiet, just a small sound of ringing in my ears.

There was silence for a few seconds.

Then, at first quite low and soft, terrible screaming from somewhere in the tunnel.

I heard my voice and other voices saying: "Don't panic, keep calm". I took a woman's hand and we struggled to stand. Disoriented, unable to see or breather, almost as if we'd been plunged into the bowels of the earth, I scrambled to my feet.

I felt a warm sponging feeling in my face and in my mouth. I clenched my teeth and realised that they were not where they should be. Where were they then? I felt feverishly with my tongue, found the bottom teeth. I took all my strength left in my face and squashed them back into place.

Using the light from my opened flip-top mobile phone handset, we were just able to make out a feint outline of each other.

Time to escape ...
Those of us who could still walk, moved forward in single file. The driver forced open his door, pulled out the steel stairs from a hidden place under the train – our escape stairs, ready and waiting.

I notice as I looked through my teary eyes, an enhanced and increased type of power. My so-called 'compartment injuries' were more from within. Some of us in my carriage were badly affected by inhalation of smoke and dust, hence my left lung tumors, called “the little passenger”

Have a look at an interview on the day at the memorial to those that lost their lives on:

A survivor of the London bombings, who lives in Ashford, is disappointed that she and fellow survivors may not get to attend the unveiling of a memorial on Tuesday July 7, the fourth anniversary of the terror attack.

Beverli Rhodes, 47, of Kennington, has written to the government asking why, as a survivor, she has not been invited.

The Assistance Centre, set up for those affected by the London bombings, has posted a message which reads:

"On the 7th July the Permanent Memorial in Hyde Park, London will be opened in remembrance of those who died in the London bombings of 2005.
"Ticket numbers for the opening event are limited due to the site topography and therefore priority for attendance has been given to the families of those who died."

Ms Rhodes has today (Thursday) written to the Department of Culture Media and Sport, which is organising next week’s event, asking:

"Are the survivors not part of the unveiling?

"Is it only for the family members of the bereaved?

"When are the survivors getting access to the permanent memorial?

"Many survivors can’t stand for any great length of time, will they be allocated seating?

"Why have many of us not heard from the Home Office as we usually do each year?"

Ms Rhodes suffered facial injuries in the bomb attack on a tube train under Russell Square. She continues to require treatment for her injuries and has set up a campaign group for victims of terrorism, the Survivors Coalition Foundation.

The bombings on July 7 2005 were a series of coordinated suicide bomb attacks carried out by British fundamentalist Muslims on London's public transport system during the morning rush hour.

Just before 9am, three bombs exploded within 50 seconds of each other on three London Undergroound trains.

A fourth bomb exploded on a bus nearly an hour later in Tavistock Square. The bombings killed 52 people, the four suicide bombers and injured 700.

Thursday, July 02 2009

Tomorrow see's the dawn of the 4th anniversary of the tragic 7th July London bombings.

A blessing ceremony will be held in Ashford at sundown, lead by Shaman Beverli Rhodes.


The blessing ceremony was very calm and quite serene. At the end of the
blessings and prayers a sign of acceptance was requested.

With the request at the Buddha shrine in our sacred garden many white cabbage butterflies and 5 bumblebees flew towards the statues. They danced around those giving prayers and sending blessings. We took that to be the sign and felt a great sense of fulfillment....

Michael Jackson will be finally be laid to rest. We wish him the stillness of the soul that he may heal from his many wounds, emotional, spiritual and physical. Rest in absolute peace remembered in all of our prayers and healing lists, blessed be. A Shamanic ritual will be performed to coincide with his funeral.

Rest in peace Michael Jackson.

Anyone wishing to be part of the blessings ritual please send me a note.

Thanks for viewing my site.

Where do I start... I guess at the beginning.(I will update the narrative and go through each phase of my life - so keep checking back as it will change) Let me know your life experiences. We may be more similar than you think ...

In the beginning

I am 9th generation shaman born on the tiny muddy island called Great Britain. My mother, her mother and her mother's mother before that were all shaman. In those days, they were known as an Ollum or the "Wise Woman" in the village. The spirit of the old ways was strong in them, the very fibre of their existence.

No sibling rivalry ...

My super-blank siblings, never followed the path, indeed, had no interest in allowing the spirits of the ancestors or other world Spirit and elemental (faery beings)to come to the fore. I was lucky, from the age of 4 I had the gift of healing and "second-sight". When I opened the vortex of channelling, there was a therapeutic verily stampede of souls and beings wanting to make contact and "talk" all at the same time.

Initiation at 13...

Later, as I had light impulses coursing through my mind and soul, I had to fight between good and evil during my initiation at the age of 13. Pure evil can only exist when good people do nothing. So ... I did something for the greater good!

What you'll find here...

No holds barred commentary, sometimes scrambling one liners, yet, down to Earth (Mother Earth) rites, readings, initiations is what you'll find in my site.

I am a full trance ritual shamanic medium. In the confines of a sweat lodge or shaman cave, I will provide a shamanic journey that we can share together.

For you, the seeker, with your permission, I have the ability to reach a native deep collective shamanistic trance. I will tap into energies far greater than those we perceive within our daily lives. Through the connection to the ultra world allies, I will offer you advice on your "Path of Life". and send distance healing to the people of your naming Each session is held in private.

Shaman Beverli Rhodes, an internationally celebrated columnist, published author, guest speaker, radio and television personality, offers insight into your love, life and luck. You can even ask her directly in your reading about your future, both emotional, physical and psychological aspects of your life.

As a shaman healer, with an ancestral line of more than 9 generations, I am able to offer healing. I have one spirit shaman guide. My shaman guide retains his interested in the well-being of the human race. He was a shamanic king during his life and as such he offers great insights into individual paths and choices to come. As a shaman I have the psychic ability to reveal karmic connections that could be informative for use in your current relationships.

I am a full trance shamanic medium. In a sweat lodge or shaman cave will provide a shaminc journey for you, the seeker. I have the ability to reach a deep collective shamanistic trance states and tap energies far greater than those we perceive within our daily lives.

I have assisted many thousands of individuals enjoy their personal shamanistic journey either through a private or group initiation ceremony. My shaman workshop and course is also available on any level of understanding.


Opening Hours: from 9.30 am to 4.30pm

Come and join in the spiritual journey this summer in Somerset ......

There will be shamanic path of life advice by myself Beverli Rhodes, tarot and psychic readers. reflexology, aromatherapy, Aura camera readings showing your own auric field.

Also attending are reiki masters offering healing. Crystal trade stands with plenty of new and exciting crystals.

Psychic channelled angelic readings by Asria Beckham

Unusual, one off designer sterling 925 silver jewelry with volcanic rocks and pearls from Ize Silver Jewelry.

Psychic artists draw portraits of your guide to provide a spiritual face to your higher guidance

Directions: Take the M5, then take the J24 off onto the A38

Go and visit for more information


Welcome Message from Beverli ....

Namaste, and welcome!

My life's path has always been traveled along the non-ordinary realm. I wish for you extraordinary visions.

When I think of you, I will create a vision of you looking at the star-filled skies, I see you finding your path.

May the Wisdom and Spirit of the Ancestors manifest in your life so that you may draw from your personal mystical history. in all his work.

I pray that as you have read my site, you can draw on the vast storehouse of all that you have learned in past lives and build a bridge beyond the ordinary.

With blessings as always

Beverli Rhodes

Beverli Rhodes
Healing with Horses - In Memory of David 2010

Let there be Light Collection

Let there be Light Collection
Allowing Light into Your Life

Spirit of Your Horse Art Collection...

A piece of art to SHOW your deep affection and connection to the Spirit of Your Horse
For those of us who truely love the spirit of theyr horse, here is a special present/memorial piece of timeless art work.

On a canvas, I am offering an original, unique, mixed media piece of art, which will illuminate and show off your beautiful horse! The spirit of YOUR horse will leap off the canvas, the angelic connection to you will be obvious. I also add a crystal to signify your bond with your horse or even horses at the soul level.

How to Order your Spiritual Horse Art Piece
Canvas sizes vary, prices start from £100 upwards depening on the size of the canvas, post and packaging. Please send your enquiry to Spirit of Your Horse directly via email at

What to include ...
Please include a few photographs of your horse in order that I may make a connection with your special friend. I will channel fitting lines of text for your canvas, then produce them in freeform caligraphy. Please send me the name, age, breed, type of discipline like Hunter Under Saddle, showing, jumping, western, happy hack, colouring and anything else you feel I would need to understand the spirit of YOUR horse!

As your spiritual piece will include a metalic sheen in the lettering and as highlights, please include your choice of metalics. I provide either gold, silver, pewter, (so plenty to choose from!) also copper, mixed metalics, ruby metalics and gold leaf.

Blessed Piece of Equine Art
Each piece will come with a greeting and blessing.

The Spirit of Your Horse collection will be available in August through my eBay shop.

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Personal attacks, harassment, hate speech, defamitory statements, swearing, hateful imagery and threats or any kind, are not allowed. Respect the privacy of others.

Keep your Gremlins to yourself and work on releasing them instead!