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Shaman to Skill Up ...

The shaman is going flying. Flying for life changes across the waters, across the "pond" as it's said, in the good ol' USA! Increasing the shamanic skill base.

As a ninth generation shaman, Ive have a really strong connection to horses. I have been using equine assisted therapy for the past two years. Using myself as a test subject. Ive felt, experienced and been surprised if not shocked just how effective it is.

This type of psychotherapy uses horses as the main link to the inner self.

The therapy is a legitimate mechanism through which I am able to provide my clients with a greater understanding, support.

Specially Chosen ...

My horses are well trained. I choose to have mares. They have been chosen with the greatest of respect for their ability, personality, health and intelligence. Each have an empathic capability to understand people. All healthy, calm, giving and talented.

Individually, each horse sparkles in their own unique way, inner magic shines through. In using each of my horses specific skills, during my research of the therapy, the true spellbinding wonder of my horses was in the reaction of those they're helping.

I am going to the USA to study further in the field of Equine Assisted therapy or psychology. I intend to gain legitimacy, as a therapist that uses horses .

There is a need for the health bodies and stake holders to see some sort of "qualification" to allow for the therapy to be listed by the NHS as reimbursable.

Proof of the therapy...

I have the intention to approach grant makers, those that specialise in assisting new business in our county of Kent. I also intend to reach out to health practitioners, for support by referring patients. I will also demonstrate the power of the therapy, using horses.

But ... there is a but ... the "proof" of each case history must be presented in their language - that of statistics, measurable outcome in monetary value.

Shaman of the Village ...

Unlike in the past in the times, where the shaman of the village, provided healing, medicines of in the form of herbal remedies, poultice, blended tea's and general well meaning advice. The avenues left to my grand-mother, my mothers-mother and even further back, were not tied to financial backing from the national health systems of the day.

We are now in an age where managed health care sets what is acceptable, as well as the size of the bottom line. I do not want my treatments to be all about obtaining reimbursement from the NHS.

Going to America ...
So, I am going to America, to learn how best to serve both horse and humankind.

Watch this space....


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Welcome Message from Beverli ....

Namaste, and welcome!

My life's path has always been traveled along the non-ordinary realm. I wish for you extraordinary visions.

When I think of you, I will create a vision of you looking at the star-filled skies, I see you finding your path.

May the Wisdom and Spirit of the Ancestors manifest in your life so that you may draw from your personal mystical history. in all his work.

I pray that as you have read my site, you can draw on the vast storehouse of all that you have learned in past lives and build a bridge beyond the ordinary.

With blessings as always

Beverli Rhodes

Beverli Rhodes
Healing with Horses - In Memory of David 2010

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Let there be Light Collection
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