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The time is now!
Horses live in the present. They hold no grudges and bear no malice. We need to focus on the here and now, tomorrow hasn't happened yet and well, yesterday has been and gone. We can't change the way we have ridden in the past or the methods we have used to train our horses. We can however, move forward and use a better way, the way includes greater communication with our horses.
Horses are a great example of just that - being in the today, the now, its a gift that's why its called the present.

What about trust?

My own journey forced me to trust myself with my horse. In the departure of my physical prowess, losing my sense of balance and suffering with meniers dis-ease, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and dysphasia, I welcomed the arrival of faith and trust in my horse.

Leaving the old lessons behind, the military tradition of dealing with horses involving "pain". using pain a horse will only do so much, never trust or respect you. The shamanic Mother Earth belief systems is challenging, but gentle, using pressure and release as the reward. Pressure only and never pain.

Trust and respect is born from within, the internal workings of the mind. your horse needs an awakening to enable them to trust you as the herd leader.
Being the herd leader demands absolute commitment from you, such commitment to the point where only absolute trust and respect is required by your horse, it must become second nature to him between you and the outside world.
Through the ‘bush telegraph’ I am hearing stories everyday, eye witness accounts of the leap of faith horse owners are taking by trusting their join-up capability and "herd leading" their horses.

I've met riders that have never sat on their horses bare-back, never ridden their horses without the kitchen-sink in their mouths, never ever in a plain halter with no headstall/bridle.
I hear comments like "He will not listen to me if I don't have a bit in his mouth" and " She will just take-off if I don't have a saddle and bridle on" also my favourite one "I don't trust what my horse may do ..."
All these comments illustrate to me that the connection between horse and human is not complete. time has not been taken to "sack-out" or desensitize the horse. The manner and respect on the ground are not there, as such, more work needs to be done on the ground, before continuing from the saddle.

A negative attitude will do wonders for the horse-monster lurking in the mind becoming the thieves of time. Thinking of what could go wrong with your horse is not productive and seldom useful.

No more drama's
Many people actually like drama. When have you been part of a yard where there is one rider that has the worst biter, the worse rearing maniac, the worse bucking bronco and of course the worst uncontrollable speed-freek? Sound familiar? The horses have been conditioned, they act up and the rider or owner will reward them with "release of pressure" telling the horse that was the correct answer to the question (the pressure) and so they learn.
Respect and trust are safest for both horse and rider. I prefer to call teaching the respect and trust between the horse and rider partnership as "gentling" horses. Two eyes are better than two feet. We want those two eyes to be looking at you constantly. Couple that, with an ear or two in your direction and progress is being made. Add a little licking and chewing - then you're talking horse!

Make a plan to motivate yourself every day to get to know your horses personality and bridge the gap between negative thoughts with positive actions. There is no guarantee that both horse, rider or owner will respond quickly, changes to perception and the "old school" way of training horses takes time.
Speaking horse will make a large difference almost straight away. You are the only person who can determine the relationship between you and your horse.
If you are interested in discovering natural shaman way of horsemanship, post me a comment in order to discuss the fees for a visit to your yard.

I do not want that to happen in my district here… so I am preparing for the future, with food gardens and meditation rooms…this is what I can do…. what can you do?


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Welcome Message from Beverli ....

Namaste, and welcome!

My life's path has always been traveled along the non-ordinary realm. I wish for you extraordinary visions.

When I think of you, I will create a vision of you looking at the star-filled skies, I see you finding your path.

May the Wisdom and Spirit of the Ancestors manifest in your life so that you may draw from your personal mystical history. in all his work.

I pray that as you have read my site, you can draw on the vast storehouse of all that you have learned in past lives and build a bridge beyond the ordinary.

With blessings as always

Beverli Rhodes

Beverli Rhodes
Healing with Horses - In Memory of David 2010

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Let there be Light Collection
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