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David had been in a wheelchair from a very young age. In spite of his mobility issues he attended university and gained a degree. His full-time care-giver accompanied him on all his projects and drove the specially adapted people carrier, being both friend and right-hand man.

As a professional consultant, David offered recommendations and strategy on large multi-use projects. The buildings included international football stadiums, leisure parks, hotels, shopping centres and the Olympic stadium in London. I was amazed when he decided to undertake Equine Assisted Therapy.

David was introduced to his therapy horse, a mare called "Tommy". They really took to each to her straight away! As the wheelchair had a motor and managed the bumpy surface of the arena, David was able to move around the indoor space with ease. For the first time in his 50 years, he was able to lead a horse and experience the nuzzling and "horse cuddles" himself.

Bravely working with his assigned therapy horse, David experienced all types of emotional release and he dealt with personal feelings from deep within his past. Slowly, he began to feel lighter and emotionally free. David had passed his trauma through Tommy and she had grounded him and released the emotional issues he had been holding onto.
Later when we went through what he had experienced in his childhood and throughout his life David was able to speak openly about each without getting upset or shedding a tear.
In 2009, David was take into hospital with a minor health issue. Unfortunately, his condition worsened considerably quite suddenly, he passed away peacefully. David will always be remembered by his courage to try new treatments and the tireless work he undertook in creating ease of access for all wheelchair users, campaigning for the rights of the disabled and training top quality carer. Our blessings go out to him his family and friends who miss him terribly.


Welcome Message from Beverli ....

Namaste, and welcome!

My life's path has always been traveled along the non-ordinary realm. I wish for you extraordinary visions.

When I think of you, I will create a vision of you looking at the star-filled skies, I see you finding your path.

May the Wisdom and Spirit of the Ancestors manifest in your life so that you may draw from your personal mystical history. in all his work.

I pray that as you have read my site, you can draw on the vast storehouse of all that you have learned in past lives and build a bridge beyond the ordinary.

With blessings as always

Beverli Rhodes

Beverli Rhodes
Healing with Horses - In Memory of David 2010

Let there be Light Collection

Let there be Light Collection
Allowing Light into Your Life

Spirit of Your Horse Art Collection...

A piece of art to SHOW your deep affection and connection to the Spirit of Your Horse
For those of us who truely love the spirit of theyr horse, here is a special present/memorial piece of timeless art work.

On a canvas, I am offering an original, unique, mixed media piece of art, which will illuminate and show off your beautiful horse! The spirit of YOUR horse will leap off the canvas, the angelic connection to you will be obvious. I also add a crystal to signify your bond with your horse or even horses at the soul level.

How to Order your Spiritual Horse Art Piece
Canvas sizes vary, prices start from £100 upwards depening on the size of the canvas, post and packaging. Please send your enquiry to Spirit of Your Horse directly via email at

What to include ...
Please include a few photographs of your horse in order that I may make a connection with your special friend. I will channel fitting lines of text for your canvas, then produce them in freeform caligraphy. Please send me the name, age, breed, type of discipline like Hunter Under Saddle, showing, jumping, western, happy hack, colouring and anything else you feel I would need to understand the spirit of YOUR horse!

As your spiritual piece will include a metalic sheen in the lettering and as highlights, please include your choice of metalics. I provide either gold, silver, pewter, (so plenty to choose from!) also copper, mixed metalics, ruby metalics and gold leaf.

Blessed Piece of Equine Art
Each piece will come with a greeting and blessing.

The Spirit of Your Horse collection will be available in August through my eBay shop.

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