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Shamanic Portals on 09-09-09

All Shaman, lightworkers, healers, psychics, guru's, even shamanic teachers and elder Shaman of all tribes throughout the world are going through a major shift, the beginning of our collective new path.

The Shift - Psychic Symptoms

Since 09-09-09 you may have felt super tired, I have experienced a great deal of weird dreams, (more than usual) also back ache, even going as far as across my neck and shoulders. Some additional pain Ive had, which you may have can include, most of the joints in your body scraping and crunching, just being painful.

On specific days where the energy is that of waning moon, I do, so you can too, feel dizziness, vertigo, sometimes even nausea.

Full Moon Greater Reaction

During the full moon, specifically strong psychics be aware of extreme headaches, allergic reactions, hot flushes (more than I usually get!), with a good measure of churning in the pit of my stomach.

Time of Change from 09-09-09

During the change, our re-en-light-en-ment, a deep depression can come about as we fight the change. we can find ourselves entering a day of crying for no apparent reason, questioning life itself.

The change can also present itself as heart palpitations. Ive noticed also a blockage of finances, I am working to clear this, as Ive got lots of great things I wanna do.

In short, this time space most people working with light , Shaman, masters,healers can feel like they have been hit by a very large bus - is this happening to you? Tell me .....

Clutter cleaning projects started before 09-09-09 should be more or less done by now. The project may have been dogged by indigestion, heart burn as the darker energies and force tries to keep you covered in clutter both body mind and vene soul!


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Welcome Message from Beverli ....

Namaste, and welcome!

My life's path has always been traveled along the non-ordinary realm. I wish for you extraordinary visions.

When I think of you, I will create a vision of you looking at the star-filled skies, I see you finding your path.

May the Wisdom and Spirit of the Ancestors manifest in your life so that you may draw from your personal mystical history. in all his work.

I pray that as you have read my site, you can draw on the vast storehouse of all that you have learned in past lives and build a bridge beyond the ordinary.

With blessings as always

Beverli Rhodes

Beverli Rhodes
Healing with Horses - In Memory of David 2010

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Let there be Light Collection
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